Ada seorang gadis marah padaku. Dalam sangkaannya, aku telah merebut kekasihnya. Tapi dalam sangkaku, kekasihnya itu yang lebih memilihku dibanding dirinya. Oh, dan apa yang terjadi? Gadis itu marah besar padaku, sangat membenciku, memaki-maki diriku melalui fb, sms, email, dkk. Awalnya, aku hanya diam. Ya sudahlah ya, yang kayak gitu nggak perlu ditanggapi. Lama-kelamaan, aku ingin sedikit jahil juga. Ya sudah, ku balas emailnya:

"xxx sayang, kamu memang punya hak untuk membenciku. Sama seperti aku punya hak untuk mengasihani kamu..."

Uppzz... Email singkat yang sadiskah? Kalau aku jadi dirinya, aku punya sebuah soundtrack yang cocok untung mengungkap perasaan. Sebuah lagu dari Soko dengan judul "I'll Kill Her". Woww...

I'll kill her, I'll kill her,
She stole my future, she broke my dream,
I'll kill her, I'll kill her,
She stole my future when she took you away

Na..Na..Na... dan aku menjalani hidup bahagia dengan kekasihku saat ini.. ^_^

"aku hanya miliki cinta, dengan cintaku, semoga kalian bahagia..."
"Tidak pernah ada yang sia-sia dalam sebuah perjalanan..."

For Wedding

Every couple has their own dream about their beautiful and amazing wedding party. Some couple wants a simple and respectful wedding in a small mosque or church, but another want a big wedding with revelry party. The most important thing in wedding is wedding favor. There are many choices that couples can choose such us: Teacups and Tealights Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holders or The Perfect Blend - Elegant Personalized Coffee Kit. Or they are wants to find out bridal shower favor and wedding party favor to make the party more revelry. Also do not forget to give Bridesmaid gift and baby shower favor.

Cute Gifts

Hello! Let us talk about gift again. Everybody loves received gift or present. On their birthday, valentine day, wedding anniversary, mother's day, father's day, etc. Gift can refer to anything that makes the other, our friends, parents, siblings, feels happier or less sad. Often, the objects are given as gifts package in some manner. For example, gifts are often wrapped in wrapping paper and accompanied by a gift note.

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Enjoy Holiday

Welcome holiday! Summer is coming, one of four seasons which is the warmest time of year with the longest days. People in sub-tropic region love this season because can feel warm atmosphere. In most countries, summer identical with holidays, although dates vary. Children are out of school, employee has holiday or take annual leave and do anything they are like.

Where is the most people visit while in summer seasons? Of course they like to go to the beach. Sun bathing under the open sky, made their skin tanned and looks sexy. Enjoy smooth sand beach, see beautiful sea waves, sunrise, and sunset. Some people also love to surfing, swimming, or sky diving. Many activities that they can d in the sea. So, do not forget to bring your beachwear. Especially for ladies who love stylish swimwear, boardshorts, bikinis, sandals, and many other beach accessories.

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For people who are busy and can not leave their work, they can stay in touch with work whilst on holiday. Bring netbooks everywhere you go, just like you bring your camping equipment and beachwear. So, you still can access email and internet whilst on holiday. Netbook is very easy to bring, because it different with traditional laptops which are heavy and bulky.

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