Writing Everywhere

One of my hobbies is writing. I love to write about everything in my mind. Sometimes I write about myself and family, about my thought, another time I write about my friends and activities, I also like to write serious topic such us politic, environment, etc. I want every reader knows my opinion on look at a problem.

In my opinion, writing is very good to sharpen our brain. Before write something like journal or just little posts, we must have information as an input. After we have input, we need to explore the information, think from every side, and know how to look at the information as good as possible. Maybe we look at the information very objective, but sometimes in subjective side. It is okay for a free writer. And then, write them down. Writing is a skill that must be trained continuously. After that, readers will see which writer who is good in writing. Every people can read, but not every people can write.

As a novelist and blogger, of course I need to write continuously. I usually write using my laptop. I have my first laptop when in second year in collage. My laptop is very important and useful. Not only for writing, also for do homework. Some of my friends use notebook.

Nowadays, we can find laptops and notebooks everywhere. Very easy to get them on store or buy them online. There are many tips how to buy laptops or notebooks. For example, you must know the specification do you need. How much the cost, what is the brand, etc. People love using laptops, notebooks, or netbooks because they are easy to bring.

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