Netbook: Small but Powerful

Nowadays, most of people in the world have known about laptop computer. They are familiar with all things about it in many variety and specification. Some people feel enough with ordinary computer with standard specification, another need more shopisticated computer like notebooks so you can use them almost everywhere. Now, the most popular laptop is neetbooks, which is ideal for internet access and the web applications on the move.
Netbooks have been selling like hotcakes since 2007, when Asus introduced what many consider to be the netbook that started the craze, the Eee PC.. Price is the most important thing that we must consider while choosing or buying. That is why wee need price comparison in every store, online store or on shop. One of the cheap netbooks is acer aspire one netbook. From 100's models, it is the cheap one with good specification.
One of the most important benefits of a netbook the fact that you can use it, anywhere, anytime to do the most basic computing tasks. Ultimately though, the biggest benefit of a netbook is the price. Today you can score a more than decent mini-laptop for about $150 (that’s the really motivated shopper) or at $100 but with a slight catch. With such a small form factor, netbooks generally weigh under three pounds and also generate little heat. Netbooks are low-powered and refined and generally have all of the standard office and internet applications ready, and if they don't, just use the "net" part.
Netbooks Computers become the Best selling computers at at October 2008 and this stuff will change the computing scence. I think cheap and portable are always going to be great selling points, whether you’re talking about phones, computers, or handheld video game consoles. So, for you who have high mobility and love browsing, netbook is a must have gadget.

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