Camping in Holiday

Every body loves holiday and always waiting for it. Many people spend their holiday with traveling to great spots in the world, the other loves to backpacking around the world. Sometimes people go shopping, another just stay at home and watching TV or video. There are many ways to spend holiday. What about spend holiday with camping? Sounds like good idea, right? A recreational activity which is used as a cheap form of accommodation for people attending large open air events. You can go camping with your family, friends, or maybe you join boy scout then have plan to go camping and save the earth with your group.

You can camping in many place you like. Maybe in mountain, on your garden, or the beach. Camping in beach sounds interesting. Invite whole of your family to go to the beach, pitch tents, then you can enjoy happy camping in beach. You can see beautiful sunrise or sunset. In the morning, you can swim on the sea troop together with your parents, siblings, niece, uncle, aunt, or nephew. Bring your beachwear always. In daylight, also sun-bathing will make your skin more tanned and exotic. Do not forget to use sun-block before you do sun-bathing. Usually, men love fishing. Maybe your father, brother, uncle will go fishing together. While night come and the moonlight shine, you and whole of your family can get party and barbecue. Stoke bonfire, sing songs, and dance go around the bonfire. Smiling and laughing together.

Do not forget to prepare and bring camping equipment before you go to the place. Important things you must bring while you are camping such us: tents, sleeping bags, portable stoves, medicines, and foods. Memorize your happy camping in holiday with your camera, digital camera recorder, ipod, or you can bring your netbooks to write stories. So, let's go happy, easy, and cheap camping in holiday!

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