Let's Go Traveling

I really loves traveling. Go to another different place, feel the sense of adventurous, meet and introduce new people, find out unique things in every place I come. What a great challenge! I have a dream to go around the world and learn everything that I get while I am on my way. I can learn about history of a city, buildings, place, or people. Or maybe while I go to someplace where in bad condition, such as slummy, get disaster, etc, so I can help people and share happiness.

What must we do if will go on vacation? I will give you some tips. First of all, we should make plan all about things we need in our trip. Search the destination we are going to, find out how to get cheap airfares, about hotel rooms must reserve, also rental cars. Do not forget to get information about weather and road conditions where we want travel. After that, decide where we want to go and what to see.

Next step, we can find out all about information about from travel guides. There are so many travel guides can help us. We can search them via internet. They will help us and explain what we must do while we are traveling. And the most important thing in traveling is, do not forget to BRING your camera!

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siska said...

bring camera....absolutely, ahahahahahahha!!!

sm69 said...

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